Fine Art

The area of Fine Art photography is multi-faceted and expansive.  As you see from the tabbed projects and descriptions, I enjoy variety in my work, as I let it draw me into new and exciting directions.


My predominant projects in recent years have been in the following areas:

  • Abstract Imagery
  • Surreal Tales
  • Landscapes of Various Kinds
  • Instagram Projects


Influences from each of these areas come across in other projects, both fine art and commercial.  That is the nature of creative work, as it is hardly ever in complete isolation from all other influences.


Click on each tab for a more detailed description and click on the image in each tab to go to the project area.


Surreal Tales



Abstract Imagery


In my abstract work, I am most often guided by visions of transformation that are presented by the scene in front of me.


A significant series in my work is Kryptomorphaics, so titled, as it reveals the hidden through changing our perception of the world around us; our ability to morph our vision allows us to juxtapose one reality against another without limitation.


Each image in this series is pre-visualized by taking in the scene as it presents itself.


The morphing is done in camera and never in post-production.

Surreal Tales


This set of images looks to bring forth a story in each of the visual palettes that is presented.


Rather than placing a set of boundaries around this project, such as a theme, I have decided to let the common theme come forth from the images as they are added to this collection.  I expect that I know what the common thread will be...


Much work is still to be done in this series, as I have notes for numerous future images that I will photograph as the chance arises.



The world, in which we find ourselves, presents us with a seemingly never-ending variety of vistas ranging from the very large to the very small.


Landscapes of all varieties provide me with items of interest, whether they are  beautiful reflections, the view across the Bay of Fundy, or a view across a city scene.  Each of these can show us something that will draw us in and engage our brains with the moment.



My interest in Instagram took off, when I decided that it would be a great way to complete a 365-day project.


In 2013, I completed my first successful 365-day endeavor.  What had started as an attempt to ensure that I would think about photography on a daily basis, resulted in some rather worthwhile images.


I published my favorites in a small tome that I titled 'Instant Grammar 2013'; it was not a New York Times bestseller, but eminently satisfying to put together.


More will come along this line....

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