Success in the area of commercial photography demands skills in several key areas:

  • Technical excellence
  • Understand the client's needs
  • Deliver a vision


Combining these elements in a pleasant manner is what it's all about!


My main areas of focus in commercial photography have been the following:

  • Portraiture
  • Food
  • Product
  • Event


Each of these areas requires a combination of skill, touch and creativity to get that result, which we all enjoy.


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In portrait photography, I look to establish a connection between the model and the viewer.


The observer must find a point to contemplate the model's perspective and/or motivation within the image.


When that happens, the image is successful and will cause one to look at it again and again with interest.



We all enjoy it well beyond our requirement for daily nutrition.


With seemingly infinite variety both in content and presentation, food should never be boring to behold.


A little bit of lighting and presentation go a long way to have the hero (yes, food is the hero) shine time and again!



Bringing out that one special quality in any product is a combination of photography and understanding of both the subject and the target audience.


Sometimes, it is all about getting that technically wonderful shot of a product.


Then again, can it be that presenting in the right environment might make the product shine even brighter?


These are some of the questions that make this area of photography every exciting and enticing!

Event Work


Event photography ranges from capturing that once-in-a-lifetime event to canine competitions.


If this is your wedding, you expect great photography to document that special day.


Shouldn't you expect the same for other events you want to remember and be able to look back at with a smile on your face?

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